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Saving Steam Equals Saving Money

Monday, March 22, 20100 comments

Cut Energy Costs and Save Money!                                            
Sales growth is tougher to obtain, costs continue to rise and the competition continues to try to take your business.  Energy costs continue to go up and there seems no end in sight. Let’s face it, in today’s economy, operating your business “lean and mean” has never been more important. This is not the time to let your business run itself, owner’s need to take charge. Operating more efficiently, reducing waste and saving energy are all ways that can help improve the bottom line.  However, there is hope. Let’s focus on saving energy. 
There are several ways to save energy.  Some of these will only require the investment of your time, others may only require a small monetary investment.  But the return on these investments can prove to be very substantial, especially when calculated over the months and years of operation. 
5 Simple Ways That You Can Cut Energy Costs and Save Money
·      Fix All Leaks – Many times this is just as simple as a turn of the wrench.  Stop that steam leak and you just saved money!
·      Turn Off Unused Equipment – If you are not using it or it is seldom used, shut it off. Most equipment has valves that can be easily shut down, if not, shut off valves are easily installed.
·      Insulate Hot Pipes – Insulation conserves energy, reduces energy costs and helps to lower temperatures in the plant.  OSHA rules require insulation on certain pipes in the working area.
·      Coast Your Boiler Down – Boilers retain steam for a short time after shut down.   Possibly as much as 15 minutes of pressing may be done after the boiler has been shut down. Experiment with shutting the boiler down before pressers have finished.  5-15 minutes every operating day of the month can save you money!


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