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Is Business Picking Up.

Saturday, April 3, 20100 comments

Is the dry cleaning industry finally starting to pick up?  I have noticed that for the last couple weeks most of the cleaners that I call on seem to be in a little better mood regarding their business.  By no means are things back to the way they were a couple years ago.  But it seems that the rut we were in due to the inclement weather has finally passed and that we are starting to see a little spike in dry cleaning volumes.  This is sure a welcome thought, as the month of February with its 28  days and several days lost due to poor weather, was definately one to forget.  On the south side of Atlanta today, I had several different owners tell me that business was picking up. This may actually be a bit early, as the busiest months are usually May and June in this area. Maybe its the sign of things to come?  So lets hope that with spring upon us, business is ready to blossom. 
And do not forget to get stocked up on fabric finish for your dry cleaning machine and spray sizing for the pressers in order to restore those linens and cottons to like new condition, as the rush of spring and summer garments is almost upon us. Remember that when fabric finish is used correctly, it is one of the most visible benefits that a dry cleaner can offer his customer.  Wrinkle resistance and crush resistance are extremely important features for those plant owners that are doing routes or having to transport garments to drop stores.  The ease and decrease in finishing times will make your pressers happy and help to speed production.  And do not forget, that by using a fabric finish, it will actually help to make garments somewhat stain resistent,, because the resin in the sizing actually seals fibers in the garment and  helps to prevent stains from penetrating deeper into the fibers.  This will make your cleaner/spotter happier.


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