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Support Your Trade Associations

Thursday, April 8, 20101 comments

Trade associations, just like some dry cleaning plant owners, are having a tough time.  Memberships are down, it is becoming more expensive to have shows, exhibitors have tightened their belts and are much more selective about exhibiting at the shows, this reduces income for the trade association, so on and so on.  Even more the reason to support your trade associations.  After all, these are the folks that go to work with the EPA and other governmental agencies to develop fair and workable guidelines for us in the dry cleaning industry. I understand that it can be expensive and some may say I cannot afford it.  But really, can we afford not to?
And that isn't the only thing that your trade association does for you.  Some other things you may or may not have thought of:
  • Education: Seminars, clinics, management conferences, finishing courses and other meetings are held where interest indicates enough members will support them.
  • Publications:  For example, SEFA publishes monthly issues of "The Reclaimer" newsletter. This is the main contact with members and brings current information such as news, technical articles, special features, advertisements, personal notes and a calendar of events. SEFA members are invited to run a classified ad at no charge.  As a  member of SEFA, you will also receive all IFI Publications.
  • Convention:  Another example, on even-numbered years the Southern Drycleaners Show is held. National speakers are on hand to bring members up to date on the latest technical information. The show also includes the largest exhibits in the South East where manufacturers and suppliers are on hand. They demonstrate the newest equipment in the industry and answer questions on many subjects relating to dry cleaning.
  • Referrals: The association can put members into contact with special services such as accountants, consultants, environmental attorneys, etc.
  • Common Bond: Perhaps one of the most important advantages of being a trade association member is the common bond that all members have - that of a professional. We can learn from each other and help each other by utilizing the resources available through a common bond - your trade association.
    And the list just goes on and on.  There are several good trade association shows coming up this summer, go to my dry cleaning and laundry links page and click on your regional association and see what they have to offer.  It is like I say so often, we truly are in this industry together and we all rely on each other to make it work. Hope to see you at one of the shows soon!


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