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Interesting Marketing Blog Entry

Monday, May 17, 20101 comments

I read a very interesting blog entry today in regards to marketing.  If you have never read Seth Godin's blog, I would strongly recommend it. Marketing guru Seth Godin has written 12 best selling books and really hits the nail on the head today with his post The Circles (no more strangers). Seth's blog seemed to reinforce a marketing concept that can be applied to dry cleaners, sales people, distributors and manufacturer's alike. It will make you think about where you need to spend your selling time and your advertising dollars.  Should you spend it with strangers?  Or should you spend it with true fans?  Take 5 minutes and check it out.


Johnnie said...

Hello Michael, I read the Seth Godin's article and thought he definitely made a strong point regarding investing in your "true fans".

Without trying to sound like a salesman, my company provides an inexpensive marketing tool geared towards the Dry Cleaning industry. If you have 30 seconds please check it out.


We have over 300 clients nationwide and most of our current clients give CollarCards out to their best clients.

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