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Suffering From Static Cling.

Saturday, January 15, 20110 comments

Here in Atlanta, GA, we are in the midst of some of the more severe winter weather we have experienced in some time. Colder than normal temperatures, ice and snow have paralyzed the city for most of this past week. Not only has mother nature brought this weather upon us, but she has also brought a problem that many dry cleaners experience. One that you do not have to suffer through, one that can irritate your customers and send them to your competition. What am I talking about? Yes, it is the dreaded static electricity and static cling.

The shocks you experience as you handle dry cleaned loads of garments are static electricity.  This static electricity can be very bothersome, time consuming and can become a costly problem for dry cleaners.  The static electricity can slow down production as more lint adheres to garments. Because of this static more time is spent lint rolling not to mention the added cost purchasing more than usual lint rollers.  Static electricity can result in garments clinging to customers which can be very irritating to the customer.  Static electricity has also been known to result in fires in dry cleaning plants that use the very low flash point petroleum solvents.

Static electricity forms for several reasons.  Low relative humidity can be one cause.  Garments that do not conduct electricity can be another cause.  The repeated contact and seperation as garments tumble during drying can cause static.  Extended drying times, poorly grounded equipment and higher than needed drying temperatures can be some others.  But the number one and two reasons I find that causes static electricity are: 

1.  Improper Use of Dry Cleaning Detergents.
  • Is your additive pump working correctly?
  • Is it calibrated correctly?
  • Is it adding product at the correct time?
  • Do the product containers have product in them?
  • Are you adding enough detergent? 
2.  Ineffective Detergents.
If all of the above seem to be correct, than you could be using a detergent that is ineffective in controlling static electricity, lint and many of the other things that can result from an ineffective detergent.  Not only should your detergent control moisture, prevent sticky zippers and prevent redeposition, it should also minimize lint problems and static cling.

You do not have to suffer with static electricity and static cling.  If you are having these problems, contact your chemical rep or distributor sales person to investigate the cause of these problems.  IF YOU ARE NOT USING A DETERGENT, MAYBE YOU SHOULD START.  AFTER ALL, WE ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF CLEANING CLOTHES. 
Good luck to all of my friends and fellow dry cleaners in 2011 and may we all have a prosperous year!!!


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