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Customer Satisfaction.

Monday, February 7, 20111 comments

Professional dry cleaners understand that some stains are easy to remove, some are difficult and some are impossible to remove.  Yet, many dry cleaning consumers are less knowledgeable of the factors that affect stain removal success.   In fact, few consumers have any understanding or appreciation for just how much work or special skill is necessary to ensure that stains are removed or under what conditions stains may be impossible to remove.  This lack of information and understanding may lead to unrealistic expectations and even dissatisfaction with their dry cleaner. 
When it comes to customer satisfaction, the person at the counter is the one person most able to influence how a customer feels about the service they have received.  As the link between the customer and those who do the work of stain removal, they perform several important roles.
  • Helping to identify stains for removal will greatly improve the chances that the appropriate treatment will be applied. 
  • Sharing the customers concern and assuring them that removal of the stain and their satisfaction are important.
  • Promoting your stain removal abilities and your high success rate at removing stains, while helping the customer to have a realistic expectation.
  • Communicating with the customer regarding the results of your efforts. 
At a minimum, even the most inexperienced counter personnel should provide important information.  Some examples are:
  • When a garment has a stain or heavy soil.  We may need additional time to do everything possible for removal.
  • When the customer has attempted a home remedy to remove a stain.  Please tell us what you have used to remove the stain.  Home remedies such as salt or hairspray can create stains of their own, while applying water or rubbing can damage the fibers or make the stain more difficult to remove.  
  • When the stain is old or has been exposed to heat (as in a home dryer).  Age and heat can set stains making them more difficult to remove, we may need more time.  
  • When stains happen.  Our advice is to blot the stain, do not rub it.  Then bring the garment in to us as soon as possible for treatment.  (Stains can set with age).  Be sure to call the stain to our attention so that we can be sure to do everything possible to remove it. 
 Remember, a good system for handling customer questions, well trained counter personnel and open communications can help to ensure a greater level of customer satisfaction in your dry cleaning operation.  


Unknown said...

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