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Protect Finished Garments.

Thursday, February 24, 20111 comments

In today's very competitive dry cleaning market it is more important than ever to give the dry cleaning consumer the most in value for the services performed by the dry cleaner and most professional dry cleaning plants honestly try to give their customers full value in those services they perform. 
This empasis is evident by trade journal articles being written and seminars being held regarding the improvement of quality in our drycleaning processes.  Some of the things we can do to improve our quality are:

  • Quality Control Programs directed toward improved finishing techniques.
  • More stringent inspections.
  • More careful assembling.
  • More attractive packaging.
These are items that are all directed toward the end result of delivering a garment to the customer in as close to "like new" condition as possible, which really should be the goal of all dry cleaners. However, these finishing costs do not come cheap and are all in an attempt to make the customer's first impression a favorable one when viewing the garment.
Quality dry cleaners use fabric finish
Unfortunately, rigid inspections, careful assembling and smart packaging usually take place shortly after the garment has left the finishing department.  During the short time after pressing, Mother Nature (humidity) has not yet had time to "go to work" on the shortcomings of some of today's fabrics.  An inspection of garments a few hours after they have left the finishing department will point out these shortcomings in the finished product.  An inspection at this time will often show puckered lapels, rippled seams, wrinkles and other blemishes that could result in customer dissatisfaction.  Even the most expensive packaging job will not provide a cover up of these problems. 
The good news.  Dry cleaning plants that are using the proper Fabric Finishes do not encounter these problems, but instead deliver a garment to their customers that is as close to "like new" condition as it is possible to achieve. 
Fabric Finish can help to protect garments and reduce the number of "re-do's" that are a result of handling, transporting and crowding on conveyors and slick rails. This is especially desirable for those plants that operating routes, dry stores or other operations that may require more than usual handling after finishing.
When it comes to inspection, it must be recognized that the customer is actually the final inspector and gives the garment its most critical inspection, usually just before the garment is worn. You may have delivered a beautifully pressed garment hot off the press, but your customer will not pass judgment on your workmanship until they are ready to wear the garment.  To ensure a favorable rating for your business at this critical time, you should employ quality minded personnel, a Quality Control Program and use a quality Fabric Finish in order to protect the garment and preserve dimensional stability of the garment long after it has left the finishing area.


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