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Alabama Cleaners Doing Restoration.

Saturday, May 21, 20110 comments

Restoration Dry Cleaning can be cleaning many different types of items
I spent some time in North Georgia and Alabama this past week.  The devastation and destruction that took place in cities like Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Cullman, Alabama and towns like Ringgold, GA from last months tornadoes is just unbelievable.  Whole city blocks have been demolished, some homes have been turned into piles of rubble, sections of woodlands with Pine trees 2 feet in diameter are broken in half like match sticks and the older hardwoods are ripped from the ground.  The whole picture is very surreal when you are in the middle of these areas.

It will be a long time, if ever before things get back to normal, but I have to report, the dry cleaners in these areas fared a little better than many other businesses.  To date, I know of one pick up store that was totally demolished and 2 plants that lost their roofs (which is horrible, but not in the scope of all the damage done to other businesses).  In the city of Huntsville, it was reported that the cleaners where without power for nearly a week. But amidst all this devastation and destruction, dry cleaners are back into production and in some cases are actually busy!!

One of the biggest reason for this upswing in business, is the amount of restoration dry cleaning and laundry that is being done.   Operations that do not normally do restoration work are having all types of household items brought in to be cleaned and restored. Everything from garments, curtains, dolls, furniture and luggage are being processed successfully helping the cash flow of many Alabama dry cleaners and laundries during this tough time.

 In the wake of the devastating storms on Wednesday April 27, 2011 , 238 Alabamians are confirmed dead, at least 1700 injured, and hundreds more are missing. Facing these immediate needs can be overwhelming, but there are many ways for us to give, volunteer and advocate for our friends and neighbors for more information go to:  Alabama Possible


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