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Check Dry Cleaning Performance.

Friday, July 1, 20110 comments

I was surfing the internet and ran across an interesting You Tube video that I felt compelled to share with those that read this blog. The video was produced by DLI and offers a brief explanation of the Dry Cleaning Performance test.  The cleaning performance test is designed to give an overall evaluation of your dry cleaning system. 
Watching this video made me start to wonder about how many plant owners have actually used the cleaning performance test and if they have not, why wouldn't they?  After all, aren't we in the business of cleaning clothes and what better way to show your customers how good you truly are? 

Lets face it, a visual audit of cleaning quality isn't always the best indicator of your true cleaning performance.  The human eye cannot always detect some of the cleaning issues that a CPT will uncover.  Also, you may not have a good standard to which you can compare your cleaning quality with. The CPT can do this and more.  It will tell you what areas of your dry cleaning process are lacking, eliminating the guess work and giving you the tools to which you can tune your dry cleaning system in order to produce the best quality of dry cleaning.  And better yet, it will offer you a great way to quantify the true quality of your dry cleaning.

What a great marketing tool this could be. A dry cleaning plant owner could post these results in their lobby for their customers to see, similar to the way a restaurant does for their  health inspections. Be proud of all the hard work that is invested in doing the best quality dry cleaning, do not just tell the customer you are better than the competition, prove you are better and seperate yourself from the competition!

If you are a dry cleaner that already uses the dry cleaning performance test, I invite you to post your plant name and website to my blog and tell the world about yourself.   


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