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OSHA and Dry Cleaning

Monday, January 16, 20122 comments

Dry cleaners should learn about OSHA regulations and strive to be in compliance.Let's face it, the idea of an OSHA inspection scares the hell out of most small business owners and perhaps it scares dry cleaners even more so. 

Many of the drycleaners I meet are usually so involved with the day to day issues such as production, payroll, maintenance and managing empolyees that they do not either have the time or take the time to get caught up on the regulations and latest changes to the regulations. I have been there and I know how it is.  The boiler is down, your counter person called in sick and payroll must be done today.  I know, who has time to look at regulations?

However, when you have the time, educating yourself in regards to the hazards, regulations and operating procedures can go a long way towards easing the anxiety you may face when subject to an OSHA inspection.  If you absolutely cannot find the time, hiring a consultant with OSHA and dry cleaning experience may be the best way to make sure you comply. 

The U.S. Department of Labor's website for OSHA has many reference aids that can help you to control and prevent many of the hazards we face in our day to day operations.   I would recommend taking the time and exploring this highly informative website and remember OSHA is not a small town in Wisconsin!

*If you are an OSHA consultant with experience in working with dry cleaners I would like to offer you the opportunity to share your knowledge and profile your business while being a guest author here on the dry cleaners blog.  Contact me at:  MichalRMiller@drycleanersnetwork.com. 


Lloreana Fazenda said...

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car duster said...

I have a list of OSHA,i actually made some edits for e commerce site.

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