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Remove Stains Safely and Consistently

Wednesday, February 8, 20127 comments

Your dry cleaner can effectively and safely remove stains.For the professional dry cleaner, the stain removal department is usually the least profitable part of the dry cleaning operation. When you consider the labor that is required to remove stains, the cost of chemicals required to effectively remove stains and the potential for claims resulting from improper stain removal procedures, it is very easy to see that the stain removal part of the drycleaners business can be expensive in terms of the cost involved in order to produce those high quality dry cleaned garments.  
Unfortunately, effective stain removal plays a major part in the entire dry cleaning operation and is a "necessary evil".  The consumer expects for all professional dry cleaners to be able to remove stains successfully, with maybe the discount cleaners being the exception.  The consumer also expects these stains to be removed every time, (which dry cleaners know is not possible, unless they use a pair of scissors to remove those that will not come out after using the most aggressive procedures the fabric will allow ). The consumer also expects the stain to be removed without damage to the garment. Being able to effectively remove stains and "restore garments to like new conditions" can go a long ways towards giving the professional dry cleaner the reputation that he needs to be successful. 

One part of the stain removal process that can go a long way towards preventing mishaps and accidental damage to garments during the stain removal process, is to keep your spotting board in an orderly fashion. 
  • Keep the spotting area clean.  Wipe it off between use of the various chemicals when removing a stain.  Wipe the area clean after completing stain removal of a garment. 
  • Routinely clean under the nose of the spotting board, especially after working on ink stains.  Often chemical residue and residues of stains that have been removed can be picked up by garments that may be affected by these residues.
  • Keep the stain removal tools clean.  Flushing any chemicals from them between uses.
  • Keep a good supply of clean towels on hand.
  • Keep all bottles labeled correctly.  If you do not have labelled bottles, request them from your distributor.  They usually can provide you with the correct bottles, often at no charge. 
Keeping your stain removal area neat and clean, your bottles labelled properly and using correct stain removal procedures, can go a long way towards making this all important, but costly part of the process more manageable, helping to remove stains safely and consistently, trimming some of the cost of producing high quality dry cleaning.  Effective stain removal can help the dry cleaner to justify a higher price for his work and help to distinguish himself from the competition. 


Anonymous said...

We dry cleaning carpet as well. We've found it's a very good method if the carpet is soiled on the surface level. It's not as effective for cleaning all the way down to the pad. We think that carpet cleaning Vancouver WA should be done at least every year and optimally each 6 months.

Dry Cleaning Laundry said...

Lot of care and attention need to be given while going for dry cleaning outfits which are stained. If proper care is not given while cleaning those stains then it will result into a disaster. Dry cleaning professionals are the one who does this job of dry-cleaning stained outfits effectively and efficiently.So always trust on professionals for removing or dry cleaning your outfits.

V & S Cleaners said...

We tell customers all the time that it is better for us to clean some of the more expensive items such as carpets. Most customers don;t know how to properly clean big items. To encourage customers to bring in their big items for spring, we have a coupon on our website @ V & S Cleaners

Jules Thomas said...

A great blog and advice on stain removal.

Thanks for sharing


MRMiller said...

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read the Dry Cleaners Blog.

MRMiller said...

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read the Dry Cleaners Blog.

Kensington Cleaners said...

It is very necessary to do cleaning properly and remove stain consistently otherwise those stain particle establish on that cloths or carpet. Cleaning is very important for a clean house.you can use different cleaning procedure to clean your house.

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