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How To Remove Blood Stains in Dry Cleaning

Sunday, April 15, 201215 comments

How To Remove Blood Stains in Dry Cleaning
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As an owner of a dry cleaner your spotter will encounter a fair amount of stains of the albuminous type.  These stains are best described as egg, yolk, milk, ice cream, certain food stains and blood (stains that are byproducts of the human or animal body).  These stains can prove to be a challenge for your spotter, but by following the proper procedures, they will be able to remove the majority of these stains and you will be able to return the garment to your customer restored to like new condition.  As with all stains, there is a standard procedure that you should use when attacking these type stains and as always, you should pretest the stain removal procedure on an un-exposed area of the garment before moving on to the actual stain. 

Let's take a look at how to remove the most common of these albuminous stains, the blood stain.

Stain Removal Agents Used In the Removal of Blood Stains:
Steps In the Removal of Blood Stains:
  1. Pretest in an un-exposed area of the garment using the following procedures to see if the garment will withstand the stain removal procedure.
  2. Place a towel under the stained area.  Wet the area with steam.  In some cases, this may be all it takes to remove the stain. 
  3. If the stain remains, remove the towel and apply neutral lubricant to the stained area.
  4. Tamp lightly with the spotting brush.
  5. If the stain remains, remove the towel and reapply neutral lubricant.  Then apply a stain removal agent designed for removing protein type stains. 
  6. Tamp lightly with the spotting brush.
  7. Place a towel under the area and flush the area with steam.  In many cases the stain will have been removed at this point.
  8. If the stain remains, remove the towel after thoroughly flushing and wet the stain with digester. (Thorough flushing is imperative in order to ensure the digester works properly.)
  9. Using 2 folded towels, preheat the towels with dry steam.  Apply a heated towel on the top surface of the stained area.  Apply the other heated towel to the bottom side of the stained area.
  10. At this point, set the garment aside.
  11. After 10 minutes have elapsed, apply digester directly to the stained area again.  Reheat the top towel and replace it on the stained area.
  12. Allow the digester to work 10 minutes. 
  13. After the 10 minutes have elapsed check to see if the stain has been removed.  If not repeat steps 11 and 12.  (Some stains may require more time, but this is a very effective way to remove blood stains.)
  14. If after several attempts using the digester and towels, the stain has not been removed, bleaching may be necessary. 
  15. Apply 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  16. Flush thoroughly with steam, feather and dry.
  17. Apply levelling agent and dry clean.
The blood stain is a very common stain found in dry cleaning. It is also a stain that you must be able to remove with a very high degree of success. By following these procedures you should achieve that high degree of success and be on your way to being known as the dry cleaner that gets the stains out.


dry cleaning curtains said...

Its not easy to remove blood stains from any of the clothes. And the removal process differs from fabric to fabric of which the clothes are made of. Now the thing is does the process mentioned in the post is valid or could be use for any of the clothes. Does it suits for all fabrics?

Bill said...

Any one know if it is possible to remove blood stains from silk (ties in particular)? My local dry-cleaner seems unable to do it.

MRMiller said...


Blood stains can very often be removed from silk. There are several factors that come into play that may prevent success. How sensitive the dye used in the tie is to both moisture and the stain removal agents, as well as the age of the stain. Having said that, a skilled dry cleaner should be able to remove a very good majority of these stains.

couch cleaning ny said...

It's not possible at least at home otherwise need to use some chemicals but it may destroy cloth.

musicmatty said...

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Telescoping Duster said...

Hi,i am a doctor and one of my problem is the blood strain on my uniform.My wife was having a hard time cleaning those.haha

Marc King. said...

IIve never had any problems with removing blood stains? Wash with Daz in a hot wash and its seems to do the trick.

Carpet Cleaning Plymouth MA said...

Thanks for the tip. Blood is the hardest thing to remove!

Maria House Cleaning Bellevue said...

Be careful with blood stains as they can become permanent if you do not clean them soon after they happen. So, if the stain is wet, soak the fabric in warm water, then rub with soap. Then machine wash. With dried blood stains, soak the clothes in warm water with an enzyme detergent before laundering. If the stain remains, wash with a bleach and a detergent.

BEST Surgery said...

i own a high-quality, high volume, low cost spay/neuter veterinary hospital. does anyone know if the steam assist option on some residential washers will significantly help the removal of blood? and there is a greasy component to the stains on the cloth drapes we use. will steam help with that also?

Dry Clean Xpress said...

Most of time, I have come up with this problem of blood stains on my clothes, it makes you so irritated because its the hardest and most difficult stain to remove. I have tried almost all the things available on internet to remove those blood stain but no success, let give a try to the method you have mentioned. Please post you back after using our procedure of removing blood stain.

Gaseu cleaning said...

Cold water is always good solution for removing blood stain from your carpet.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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