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Communicate With Your Customers

Sunday, April 18, 20100 comments

Fabricare Professionals understand that there are many variables in the successful cleaning and restoring of a garment to like new condition. Restoration to like new condition should be the goal of all Fabricare Professionals.  We also realize that this may not always be possible.  Some stains are easy to remove, some are difficult and some are impossible, with scissors being the only way to successfully remove them. On the other hand, the consumer has very little or no understanding of the factors that affect stain removal success.  It is this this lack of information that can lead to unrealistic expectations and possibly dissatisfaction with their Fabricare Professional. 
When it comes to this satisfaction, it is the counter sales person that is most able to influence how the customer feels about the service they have received.  As the link between the customer and those that actually do the stain removal, cleaning and pressing of the garments, they can perform several important roles needed for quality garment care and satisfied customers. Some of these are:
  • Helping to identify the stain.  This will greatly improve the chances that the appropriate treatments will be used and increase the chances that the stain will be removed. 
  • Sharing the customers concern.  Assuring the customer that the removal of the stain or restoration of the garment and the customers satisfaction are important.
  • Promoting your capabilities and success rate at garment restoration, while helping the customer to have realistic expectations about the prospects for success. 
  • Communicating with the customer regarding the results of the efforts.
So, train your counter personnel.  Teach them what questions to ask the customer in order to aid in the restoration of the customers garment.  Educate them in regards to the stain removal, cleaning and pressing process, so they can give educated responses to the customers questions.  Lastly, remember that this is the point of sale for the dry cleaning business and the counter sales person is representing your business and can greatly impact the success of your business.


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