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Friday, April 23, 20100 comments

Spring has sprung and summer is closing in upon us and there can be no time of year in which the use of fabric finish could be any more important.  Many of the garments that are coming into drycleaning plants are lightweight, summer garments, silk, linens and cottons.  When cleaning these garments, often the fabric finish is removed and if you are not adding a fabric finish to your machine, the garment comes out lacking the dimensional stability that a new garment has (as a dry cleaner, your goal should be to restore garments to like new condition and new garments have fabric finish in them).  You end up with a limp, lifeless garment that is harder to press and if you do press it satisfactorily, the wrinkles are apt to come back in the process of bagging the clothes, transporting them to your drop stores or the customer transporting them home.  The result being a less than satisfied customer.  Even if a cleaner is successful in removing stains and delivering a bright and clean garment, unless it is properly pressed, consumers will leave feeling less than satisfied.
The only way to ensure that your properly pressed garment retains that just pressed look is to apply a fabric finish prior to pressing. The garment will resist wrinkling and hold its press longer when fabric finish is applied prior to pressing.
Spray sizing will work to a point, but typically are less effective and more costly to use than a fabric finish used in the machine.  If you are using a spray sizing, be sure that it is truly a sizing and not a spray starch.  Many cleaners do not notice that the product they are using is actually a spray starch and upon closer inspection of the label, they will find it may state, DO NOT USE ON DRY CLEAN ONLY GARMENTS. This could lead unnecesary claims for damage.
There are many more benefits to using a fabric finish such as increased production and stain resistance, just to name a couple. There are also many variables to consider when calculating the correct amount to add to your dry cleaning machine, but keep in mind that the most cost effective way to apply fabric finish is by adding it to the dry cleaning machine.  Fabric finish can be in a solid form (beads) or a liquid form and both forms will work in hydrocarbon as well as perc (if you have any questions regarding the proper use of fabric finish, I would strongly recommend contacting your chemical rep or distributor sales rep to get more information).


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