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The Dry Cleaning Process Part 3

Friday, March 25, 20110 comments

Part #3: Remove the water-soluble soils from the garments.

Since water-soluble soil removal does not begin to occur until well into the cleaning cycle
(8 minutes into the wash cycle), removal of an acceptable amount of water-soluble soil takes the full cleaning cycle of at least 12 minutes. Anything less would run the risk of poor water-soluble soil

Some Choices which can cause poor results:
  • Insufficient amount of moisture present in the system
    • Water is needed to remove water-soluble soil
  • Incorrect type or insufficient detergent concentration
    • Will not allow the water present in the system to work effectively
  • Cleaning cycle cut too short (less than 12 min.)
    • Not enough time for water-soluble soil removal to occur


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