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Perc Dry Cleaner Switches to HydroCarbon

Thursday, April 7, 20110 comments

Union Dry Cleaning Machine
Dawn, Tim and the Union HXL-8015S
I had the opportunity this week to spend some time and meet new friends in Eufaula, AL.  Tim Morrow of DryClean Concepts, Inc. had asked me to set up the additives (Streets Pinnacle detergent and Revive fabric finish) on a new Union HXL-8015S.  Also, I wanted to go over hydrocarbon spotting procedures (which in my opinion are no different than perc procedures, provided you where doing your perc stain removal correctly to begin with) with Dawn Green (Owner) and Tommy (Manager) of Superior Cleaners. The installation was pretty much plug and play.  The old perc machine was pulled out by the fine folks at Superior Cleaners on Friday.  DryClean Concepts, Inc., has two Union Factory Certified Technicians on staff, Hal and Kevin, these guys had the new machine in on Saturday.  With just a little minor tweaking by Hal on Monday and they where back in production.
And for the Union machine.  What is not to like about these guys.  Union is really a class act and have a very user friendly, highly efficient, well designed, good looking dry cleaning machine. Their technicians and phone support are among the best you will find.
As the price of Perc continues to march onward and upward, as well as the great number of perc machines continue to grow older and become less efficient, it is no surprise that an exodus is happening with many of the dry cleaners making the change from perc to other solvents such as hydrocarbon.  It is also no surprise that often this change can cause some anxiety and sleepless nights for those that have never had any experience with solvents other than Perc.  My advice to you....FEAR NOT!!!  
Honestly, it really isn't that hard.  Communicate with your equipment distributor, supply distributor and definitely get your chemical rep involved to help you choose the right products based on your process. Products such as soaps, sizings, cartridge filters and stain removal agents.  Listen to these guys, they are doing this day in and day out, for many years in most cases.  Using the proper detergents, fabric finishes, programs and spotting procedures, you can turn out a consistently high quality product. It is the combination of well designed machines, additives, along with equipment distributors, installers, distributor sales reps and chemical reps, that can make this transition so easy for you.

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