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Few Dry Cleaners Market to Their Database

Saturday, April 2, 20110 comments

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How can I attract more customers?  This is a common question with all businesses and a very common question that I hear on a regular basis from the dry cleaners that I call on.  Almost every time that I hear that question, I can almost guarantee there is a computer setting on the counter with a wealth of information just ripe for the picking.  Yet, very few dry cleaners take the time to use that all important data and mine it for additional business.  Instead they will try more expensive methods such as direct mail, printed ads, newspaper, radio and even television.

When it comes to marketing, overlooking your customer database is a huge mistake. 
First and foremost, you already know the customer has their clothes cleaned at a dry cleaner or they wouldn't be in the database to begin with. Now that you have them located in the database, they can fall under two categories.  Those that are current customers and those that have not used you in a while. If you get your customers email addresses (make sure to get their permission to email them offers) or home address , the next step is even easier.  Email those that have not been to your store in the last 60 days and offer a discount to get them back in the door.  Run this report every month and keep marketing to that group of customer that seem to have disappeared.  If you do not have email addresses, send a hand written note.  Dry cleaning is a sales job, you have to get to the customer and you have to sell to them.

Secondly, you have customers that are your core business and are in the store on a regular basis.  Market to these customers to get them in the door more frequently and with bigger orders.  Offer them a discount or market a service they may not have been using.
Some other ways to use your database, is to send thank you notes to first time customers, offer a small discount for their next visit, send birthday and anniversary gifts in the form of a coupon, maybe offer a discount on wedding gown cleaning to newlyweds or suggest it as a wedding gift.

If you have been capturing your customers information, it is all there in the computer.  All potential customers or existing customers and you already know they do dry clean now you just have to tap into it. Once you are satisfied you are working your database to its potential, then add your direct mail to bring those brand new customers to your door.  


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