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The Dry Cleaning Process Part 4

Thursday, March 31, 20112 comments

Drain and Extract Cycle

The objective of this cycle is to get the solvent out of the wheel, and out of the fabrics before the Drying/Recovery cycle begins.

 Choices Which Can Cause Poor Results
  •  Soil that is still present in the solvent.
    • Garments will now act as the filter medium.
  • Insufficient Extract Time
    • Results in too much solvent and possibly too much NVR left in the garments.
    • Extends the amount of time needed to dry the garments. 
  • Over Extended Extract Time
    • Too little of the good NVR is left in the garments.
*NVR consists of  dissolved substances in the solvent.  Good NVR consists of Detergent and Fabric Finishes.  Bad NVR comes from Dyes, Oils and Greases that have been removed from garments during the cleaning cycle and remain in the solvent until distillation.


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