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Perc Cleaner Switches To HydroCarbon

Monday, August 8, 20111 comments

Union Nova dry cleaning machine using Streets detergentToday, I spent the afternoon working with the fine folks at Nanny's Cleaners in Americus, Georgia.  Owners Chris and Sue Weir have just purchased a new 40 pound Union Nova hydrocarbon machine, replacing their perc machine.  This Union machine was sold and installed by Trademark Equipment of Bessemer, Alabama and as always with these guys, it was a first class installation.  

As with many new hydrocarbon users,  the new process was met with excitement and as usual, with a little unnecessary worry over how to clean and spot with the new solvent. I assured them they would find it not much different, as  I checked the dosing pump setttings for the  Streets Pinnacle detergent being used on the dry cleaning machine.  Pinnacle is a proven detergent with excellent moisture handling capabilities.  We increased the wash times to give a full 20 minute wash and even with this extra wash time, this machine was still running 1 load per hour, with excellent results. You gotta love Union dry cleaning machines.  Each one seems better than the last one.  This model had a light that illuminates the wheel, allowing you to see what is going on inside the drum, pretty cool.

The crew at Nanny's does a great job with stain removal and only a couple of adjustments were needed with their spotting chemicals and spotting procedures. They have started using the Streets Spotless HC.   Spotless is a pleasant smelling, flexible soil release agent.  It can be brushed on or sprayed on as a general spotter or used as a levelling agent after wet side spotting.  It will definitely cut down on the re-cleans.  Their previous perc POG stain removal agent had been Pyratex.  They will now be using Streets Pyratex Nutec in the hydrocarbon machine.  Pyratex Nutec is a new technology POG formulated to satisfy the high flash point requirements of hydrocarbon. When you are doing your stain removal procedures correctly, there really is very little that you need to adjust when making the switch from Perc to high flash hydrocarbon. 

Here in the state of Georgia, as the perc prices continue their climb upward, we are seeing more and more plant owners that are making the change to high flash hydrocarbon solvents in almost every conversion from perc. Using the proper detergents, fabric finishes, cleaning programs and spotting procedures in combination with a well designed machine, you can easily turn out a consistently high quality product and do it very cost effectively.


Younus said...

Looks great, Is the product removes pet stains, and other oders from the carpets. What is the price for HydroCarbon for commercial use.

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