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Dry Cleaner Adds DF2000 Machine

Saturday, August 13, 20111 comments

I recently spent the day working with another new DF2000 user, Villager Cleaners, in Albany, Georgia. They have recently added a very nice Marvel hydrocarbon machine to their operation.  Villager Cleaners owner, Stan Cannon, is a dry cleaning industry veteran  and has been in business since 1985.  With the high quality operation that they are known for and their many years of industry experience, the very minor adjustments needed to effectively clean in hydrocarbon where made quite easily. 

My friends at  DryClean Concepts Inc. in Dothan, AL, sold and installed the like new, pre-owned Marvel machine.  This is a very simply designed machine and is extremely user friendly.  The machine was fitted with a total of twelve filters that were mixed with Puritan LF and Puritan Adsorptive cartridges, which offers some of the best filtration you could put on a dry cleaning machine.  Twelve filters will give you a ton of filtration and with the mix of LF's and Adsorptives you will have very clean solvent by being able to filter all contaminants (insolubles, dyes and oily contaminants). We are using Streets Everest detergent, automaticallly added to maintain the proper levels.  On the spotting board we added Streets Spotless HC and Pyratex Nutec.   

It only took a few loads before the owner, Mr. Cannon, stated that he wished he had 3 more of these machines.  They really enjoyed the ease of operation, the flexibility of having multiple solvents (hydrocarbon, perc and water) to use, plus the feel of the garments and lack of odor that the DF2000 offers, especially when compared to some of the other hydrocarbon solvents. 

Take a look at DryClean Concepts Inc. if you are looking for new equipment or pre-owned equipment.  These guys will be able to help you out. 

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Anonymous said...

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